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Geneva products are constructed with high quality materials and are built to last.  Below is a sample of what some of our customers had to say about their experience with Geneva's garage gear products!


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“We have small children including a six year old boy and a four year old girl who are both very active.  Being that they are curious and like to explore, I was constantly worried about them coming in contact with dangerous tools and chemicals stored in the garage.  My son was always dragging tools out into the yard and leaving them there.  That was when my husband and I decided enough is enough.  After some thorough research, we called a authorized Geneva dealer and spent about an hour or so reviewing our options and a few weeks later, we transformed a unsafe and cluttered garage into a safe and organized space.  My garage has never looked better and is finally secure as we locked all the cabinets that we don’t want the kids to get into.  We purchased a set of storage lockers and now each of my children has lockers to store their belongings in.  It is a major plus and they really love having their own space too!”


Thank you Geneva!


M. Hertel

Lake Forest, Illinois





“I just received my Geneva cabinets. I am really pleased with the quality of the cabinets; the overall construction is much heavier than found at most big box retail stores and they are also a lot larger in size. The drawers are bigger, which is better for larger items.  I would have to say they are more like industrial or commercial grade.  After getting everything in place, I liked them enough to buy a few more.”


Keep up the good work!


J. Alexander

Scottsdale, Arizona





“I ordered a work bench from a Geneva dealer and this thing is really built well. It is heavy and that’s good. I have been lured into buying a couple of benches in the past that just didn’t hold up; however, there is no question that this one will. The wood is beautiful and looks like what you might find on a kitchen butcher-block.  The top of the bench is made of solid wood and measures 1-¾ thick. Like the work bench, the cabinets are beautiful as well. Installation was a breeze and everything was installed in a day.  Already, several of my neighbors have dropped by to see the results and have been impressed as well."


A. Robertson

Greensboro, Georgia

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